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Our Company Privacy & Policy

Data presented by a member is a vital section of our interaction with our clients. It is our wish for you to be aware of how we use your personal data.

We handle your private data, like your e-wallet and email address as private. We make every effort to shield this information from any person who is not permitted to see it. Your personal data is not sold or shared with any third parties.

We are committed to store all transactions from all members of Globalwisehub LTD as very private, and will continue to do this and take all possible steps to defend your data.

When presenting our financial products and services to you, we might gather particular data which is non-public about you. According to our policy, we keep this data very private and secure. We are not going to utilize this data for other intents apart from offering our services, nor reveal this data to any person unless this is a requirement by law.

Securing your privacy is crucial to us.

We have implemented procedures which we think are sensibly formulated to shield the safety and privacy of your data. These are inclusive of privacy agreements for firms we engage to assist us to offer you services, user access to our computer files which is password-protected and stringent confidentiality policies which are applicable to each personnel ofGlobalwisehub LTD.